about rachel redfern

The soul is revealed through diaphanous glazes of oil paint suggesting distant horizons, the spirit dances in impasto petals of fragile beauty.
Time spent in silent contemplation absorbing landscape and flora contrasts with frenetic bouts of activity in the studio, pushing and pulling oil paint, mark making with hands, brushes, pouring, scraping, revealing, losing. Seeking moments of chance, beauty revealed in the near and far, the vast and the intimate.

Rachel Redfern searches for presence through paint, the presence of people past and in the here and now, the presence of landscape in all its ephemeral beauty, the presence of her own spirit with fleeting glimpses of fragility.

Based in the Hampshire countryside in UK. Rachel’s artwork is varied and instinctive based on the seasons and how that impacts on her daily life. Summers spent on the beaches in West Sussex and Cornwall, Spring working on restoring her garden originally designed by the talented Gertrude Jekyll and the Autumn and Winter sky watching weather as it passes over the South Downs.


MA Fine Art
Graduate of Newlyn School of Mentoring

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