'Tell me what is it you plan to do with your wild and precious life?'    Mary Oliver


Rachel is an experienced Relational Dynamic coach having worked with individuals and teams across the world. Having spent over three decades working in senior business development roles spanning a diverse range of organisations from a global partnership, private company, central government body to a national charity she brings a wealth of commercial experience.

Her expertise lies in developing authentic and creative individuals with the resilience to make changes in their relationship with themselves and others to achieve both personal and organisational goals. Her experience during a period of rapid growth as one of the largest legal global mergers took shape within Clifford Chance took her to the forefront of developing first class client relationship management and consulting skills across the firm. Part of a global team putting in place client focus strategy, plans, training and teams helped develop a coaching skills set that is easily transferable to both individuals, corporates and government bodies.

After leaving Clifford Chance Rachel made a bold decision to step back into education completing an Art Foundation course, a Masters In Fine Art and graduating from the prestigious Newlyn Art school mentoring programme, all in quick succession. She now has an established studio and a professional art practice with work in private collections both at home and abroad. Embracing art in all its forms has seen a transformation in the nature of her professional and private life but also allowed space to reflect on her career to date. An understanding that the quality of our relationship with ourselves is at the core of having a fulfilling life led her to train as a Relational Dynamic coach in 2017 and become a member of the Association of Coaching.

Rachel now balances a thriving coaching practice with a fine art business. This unique blend of experience and skills helps her bring a creative flair to any coaching and training environment that enables fresh perspective and inventive solutions to behavioural challenges.

Rachel works with a wide range of individuals to help achieve their goals,  to stay on track as they make significant changes or help cope when personal events impact on them. She is drawn to clients who create, design, build businesses or crave leadership that embraces creativity in their team. She takes a keen interest in organisations that want to attract and retain ‘Diagonal Thinkers’, ’Intrapeneurs’ or individuals with strong relationship skills using coaching as a tool to protect and enhance the rare qualities these individuals have.

Coaching is available by the hour (or as part of a package) and by phone or Zoom. Face to face by negotiation. Please free to contact her for an informal discussion.

Mobile: 07590 825 343
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Client Quotes

“The Coaches were by far the best thing about the whole programme. Rachel was incredible and taught me so much through working with her”.

Participant in an MOD Training Programme

“We have engaged Rachel to work with us as a coach on a number of projects over the last 12 months.  From the moment we started working with Rachel her enthusiasm and understanding of both the people and the outcomes required were spot on.  Her ability to get the best out of both the experienced and inexperienced participants in a challenging environment was highlighted by the respect and trust her coachees had for her”.

Managing Director, Roleplay UK

“Rachel has been a wonderful coach for She Leads Change. She brings a very human quality to her sessions, managing to reassure and inspire at the same time as bringing grounding and growth. I have no hesitation recommending Rachel as a coach.” 

Coaching Lead, She Leads Change

“I sought Rachels coaching expertise at a time of uncertainty, when my career was in crisis and transition.
Rachel listened generously and mindfully, gently holding the space as I explored my strengths, beliefs and deepest needs. Her constructive challenge was deftly and lightly deployed. 
Over time, with Rachel’s support, I recovered my resilience and was able to harness my full potential. The career I love is back on track and I have taken the decision to start-up a new business venture. I would recommend Rachel in a heartbeat.”

Healthcare clinician and academic

"Rachel offered me a really safe space to truly explore my inner self and helped me determine which path my career should take.  She took the panic out of the decision making process and to become comfortable with the journey I was on.  With the right level of engagement and observation she helped me be brave enough to confront my fears head on and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you.” 

Managing Director

“Rachel cares deeply about fellow human beings and their well being. She coaches gently, encouraging openness in a safe/ secure and friendly manner. Rachel’s approach is judgement free with acute concentration, listening and focused attention on all that is communicated. Each session is carefully constructed to address the required needs and any potential actions with clarity. You leave feeling empowered and relaxed. Such skill!”  

Established artist with nationally recognised practice

“Rachel: artist, business woman and life coach: intuitive, insightful, informed and kind.  Over the period of each telephone ‘meeting’ I am indeed completely ‘met’. It is as if Rachel forms a mirror with me – a mirror that bit by bit clears of condensation and distortions. It has a shape and it has edges. It is immensely visual, visceral and valuable”

Established artist and tutor

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