days like these (1/100)


days like these (1/100) 00092
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Oil on unframed panel 20cm x 25cm

From the Artist

One of my greatest challenges is embedding art into the every day. 2021 has been shaped by periods of frenetic deadlined based painting and then burnt out contemplation. For 2022 I’ve tasked myself with creating a smaller painting every day between the New Year and my birthday… my own personal 100 day challenge. They will all be oil on the same size panel 20cm x 25cm (with the odd exception). The bigger work will continue in the studio whilst these smaller more intimate pieces will be created en-plein air, at the kitchen table or in front of the fire at home. I have no doubt it will change my practice but for me its about the intimacy with the rhythm of my day, my emotions, the seasons and nature. It will be an insight into my own creative mind and what shapes me. What is clear is that the further I get into the process words are as important to me as the painting. It’s an Artist Diary with paint.

days like these (1/100)

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