Published on
18 March 2021
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It’s been a year where many have felt cut off from others, experiencing real solitude. Its a world away from when I painted my own ‘Solitude Series’. In a busy house full of teenage boys I would often steal a few moments at the coast craving some solitude in nature, sometimes writing poetry or sketching for work back in the studio. The meditative abstract paintings that resulted are being reproduced as limited edition prints for sale through my new website.

Solitude Poem

When all around is leaf and bark
That tiny voice can be heard in my heart
The call for space and time
That endless view of the horizon line
Watching others walk, or jog or chat
Take steps to the sea for beauty lifts
That natures trick of calling home
The horizon of life and pleasures tomb
Look up, look out and ponder this
Our life is heaven sent, just one, so grab that bliss

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