self love this valentines

Published on
01 March 2016

Sometimes you have to look back to move forwards. I’ve been reflecting on this sculpture which I have moved into the studio at home.

I'm a painter but wanting to push myself out of my comfort zone I made this my first sculpture under the guidance of the talented @ianedwardsculpture at @westdeancollege. There is a vulnerability about her which I’m drawn to and I can see this same emotion in the Aphrodite body print being launched on the new website. Perhaps this is my own inner landscape? Valentines always feels like a need for validation from ‘a n other’ when in reality the greatest gift is self love, especially for body and soul. We only have one-love it this Valentine’s even with its idiosyncrasies. 

Aphrodite Limited Edition giclee print available to buy from the shop



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