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Rachel Redfern Artist

Having patiently waited for the opportunity to embrace a childhood dream of being an artist, I am passionate about sharing how my life experiences and temperament have shaped my own view of landscape and people through painting.

I use observation and memory as a framework for painting in the studio. Working from simple sketches I create an emotional, gestural and instinctive response to the subject. Memory has always been central to my practice. After two decades working in the city both in London and Asia it is important that as an artist I now listen and respond to these buried instincts. Reflecting on this from the beauty and peace of the ancient woodland of West Sussex where I live now will increasingly shape what and how I paint.

My practice is now increasingly split between the making of art and the business of art. Combining recent creative experience and over 20 years working professionally in business development roles helps me pursue a growing passion to be part of coaching, facilitating and implementing projects that allow artists who would otherwise go unnoticed to flourish. My fascination with what you cannot see as much as what you can see in the places and people we encounter allows me insight into the essence and spirit of things. This is vital to how I live, work and paint.



2013-2015, MA Fine Art, University of Chichester
2011-2013, Foundation Diploma in Art, West Dean College



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