National Open Art (NOA) Shortlist

I am hugely excited and very grateful to have had four of my paintings from the Into The Night series shortlisted for the National Open Art Competition (NOA). I will keep you posted! x

Ten Tors National Open Art

Ten Tors

Midnight on The Downs National Open Art

Midnight on The Downs

The Trundle National Open Art

The Trundle

Broken Silence National Open Art

Broken Silence

Room To Breathe

I have often been asked why I do what I do with some of my paintings so here is a snapshot into my working practice and my creative desire to find room to breathe in this frantic world.

Room To Breathe: Older Hill 2

Room To Breathe: Older Hill 2

Room To Breathe as a series of work was born out of the need during a frantic period of my life to take time to sit in places that inspired me; alone. This was about really looking at what I could see but more importantly taking time to feel the things that lay beneath the surface of the landscape and also beneath me. Being alone and mindfully reflecting in the beautiful places that inspire me allows me the chance for my mind to wander between reality, memory and imagination. A meditative state that inspires sketches and small paintings that back in the studio can be translated into large canvas works.

The raw linen I paint on represents that raw truth we face when we take time to reflect on our own lives; the fractured edge reveals gaps in the landscape which for me are a metaphor for what lies beneath the people and places we encounter; the thick paint can be felt at the edge of the painting but the content of the gaps remain aloof and up to the viewer to shape with their own imagination.


Stolen Moments at Dell Quay

Taking time to sit and look at the landscape can often be overlooked in the rush to create. Its stolen moments like this that when cherished produce results.

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