IMG_1180‘Tell me what is it you plan to do with your wild and precious life?’ Mary Oliver

Having survived two decades working in the city I am acutely aware of how an individual can, on the surface, appear fine whilst in reality could be treading water. They may have ignored their own unfulfilled dreams, never able to achieve their full potential or worse still be heading for a meltdown. Life can be complex and in our hyper-connected work culture sometimes things go too fast to allow anyone time to think, to reflect on where they are or to feel connected to their authentic self.

In 2017 I qualified as a Relational Dynamics coach and became a member of the Association of Coaching. Building on two decades of working at a senior level in relationship management roles in a central government body, a global city partnership, start-up businesses and a charity I am using my coaching skills to help those who feel they need liberation from the barriers, real or imagined, that stand in the way of them fulfilling life ambitions.

“Rachel cares deeply about fellow human beings and their well being. She coaches gently, encouraging openness in a safe/ secure and friendly manner. Rachel’s approach is judgement free with acute concentration, listening and focused attention on all that is communicated. Each session is carefully constructed to address the required needs and any potential actions with clarity. You leave feeling empowered and relaxed. Such skill!”  Established artist with nationally recognised practice

“Rachel: artist, business woman and life coach: intuitive, insightful, informed and kind.  Over the period of each telephone ‘meeting’ I am indeed completely ‘met’. It is as if Rachel forms a mirror with me – a mirror that bit by bit clears of condensation and distortions. It has a shape and it has edges. It is immensely visual, visceral and valuable”  Established artist and tutor

I work with a wide range of individuals to help achieve their goals,  to stay on track as they make significant changes or help cope when personal events impact on them. I am drawn to clients who create, design, build businesses or crave leadership that embraces creativity in their team. I take a keen interest in organisations that want to attract and retain ‘Diagonal Thinkers’ and ‘Intrapeneurs’ using coaching as a tool to protect and enhance the rare qualities these individuals have.

I understand what it is like to work in an international corporate environment, small business or in isolation on your own. Being an artist I think differently (I have an art foundation diploma and MA in Fine Art) but have also discovered through my own experience how important it is to find meaning in both what you do on a day to day basis and the health of the relationship you have with yourself and others.

Coaching is available by the hour (or as part of a package) and by phone or Skype. Face to face by negotiation.

If you feel I can help please call or e mail on:

Mobile: 07590825343

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